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Did you know it costs a business about 5-10X more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one? Not only that, but on average, current customers spend 67% more than new customers.

So let us build a Loyalty App for you with the following loyalty features:

  • Allow you users to collect Loyalty stamps and provide a gift when reach a level (eg coffee stamps)
  • Show Deals which can be used by each customer limited number of times
  • Show Vouchers which can be used by each customer just once
  • Send Messages to all your customers or direct messages to individuals
  • Customers can send you messages - eg pre-ordering a coffee to go
  • Provide updatable news and information on your business

You build the app and it can have the following capabilities:

  • Up to 60 pages of pictures and text
  • Webapps are free to build for iPhone and Android
  • Loyalty features such as deals, vouchers and loyalty usage stamps in all app versions
  • Location optionally shown on map in app
  • Opening times for shops optionally shown on first page in app
  • Sharing and updatable offline capability in all native mobile apps
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Why do I need an App?

You may already have a Facebook Page and even a website so why do you need an App as well. Certainly if you already have content on the Internet you should not need to enter it again. That's why your App can be built from you existing Facebook Page. We can also synchronise our App content with an existing website too if you want with our pro-build price option.

The smartphone is a very personal device and its use for commercial activity is increasing; 51% of all Internet purchases were made on the Internet last year in the US. This trend is set to continue and as a business you need to communicate directly with your customers to their personal devices.

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Our Prices

See Prices

The prices below are inclusive of a lifetime 40% discount if you buy before end of 2016 - these are prices unmatched by anyone else and at the end of 2016 the discounts for new users will either decrease or disappear.

Note for the Appstore option we publish your app to our own Apple and Google accounts. If you want your own accounts you need would need to pay the Apple and Google fees - we want to put you in control - you're the boss!!

If you pay by year it will be ~20% cheaper

What is republishing? You may want to change the wording or format of your app (note that new facebook feed items do update in the app and the text of the first page can be changed as often as you like without republishing).

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About Us


We've been working on App building technologies since 2005. In so doing we've learnt a lot and built up a technology expertise greater than most companies in the space. We have worked with companies of all sizes from large mobile operators to SMEs and welcome your business.

We also have experience of developing beautiful User Interfaces for smartphones. In 2005 our founder designed and built the world's first Flash based UI app for the BBC, ITV and some of the top UK magazines. This service won awards for its beautiful UI. Flash is no longer a usuable technology on phones, but we've been working on to provide similar highly graphical UIs for the last few years. We use this technology beautiful native gesture based UIs.

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Got any questions? You may want a quote for a bespoke App

Video Tutorials

Edit an AppAdding Loyalty Stamps
Adding DealsAdding Vouchers


  • 1. Are the Deals, Vouchers, Loyalty stamps and customer Messaging part of the free service?
  • Yes there are no restrictions on the free version.
  • 2. What are the advantages of the App over the WebApp?
  • The App has an icon on the desktop and allows native sharing options and native homescreen notifications when installed from the manufacturers appstore
  • 3. What is the difference between downloading from the Appstore and your servers?
  • Downloading from the Appstore is better because the users are not asked to trust the download server and because others can independently find your app via search and notifications are enabled?
  • 4. What is the Pro-build option?
  • We build the app for you and add or change content appropriately. You get to see the app before we publish it to the appstore and request minor changes if required
  • 5. if I change the wording on a published voucher what happens?
  • Just like printing paper vouchers any vouchers downloaded to your customers phones is not changed if you change the wording. Only new phone downloads are changed. This is deliberate once a user has seen a voucher or deal it is binding and cannot be changed.
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